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Beer and Hard liquor

Rouby Dip Taster Plate

Hommos, Baba Ghanouj, Mouhammara and Labneh


Chick peas with tahini, garlic and lemon juice

Hommos with meat

Chick peas with tahini, garlic, lemon and filet mignon pieces

Baba Ghanouj

Grilled eggplant with tahini, garlic and lemon juice


Red peppers, chopped walnuts, garlic and spices


Aged lebanese white cheese topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, olive oil and oregano

Kibbé Nayé

Raw ground sirloin filet with cracked wheat, onions and spices served with fresh mint and onion slices

Mortadelle Aleppi

Lean ground beef mixed with wine, pistachios, garlic and spices

Stuffed grape leaves

Stuffed grape leaves with rice, parsley, tomatoes, onion, lemon juice and spices

Labneh (garlic or no garlic)

Homemade lebanese yogurt topped with mint and olive oil


Aged sirloin filet marinated with spices